May 11 - Lobby reno in full swing!

Whew! It’s been a hectic few weeks but the lobby reno is coming along nicely. After installing the new front door late last year, it was very exciting to see the interior start coming together. New windows provided much needed light and a great view of the parking areas. Inside, a sliding barn door will separate the lobby from our mudroom, and a wall to wall unit is being installed behind the desk which will be great for storage.

A few years ago, there was a great find at the Habitat for Humanity Restore (our favourite for building supplies) - at the time, we didn’t know what we would do with the dramatic teal and white geometric pattern self-stick wall paper (but Jeff had faith that it would come in handy one day) - and we found a great home for it in the lobby. A few months later, we also picked up several cans of paint…and low and behold, one of the colours is a perfect match to the wallpaper - yay!

When we took out the shelving units that the original owner built upstairs, we saved all of the tongue and groove wood. After painting them dark grey, they were whitewashed and a few splashes of the teal paint finished them off. These boards are now rustically stacked on the north and east wall of the lobby and brings in a bright, beachy, fun atmosphere to the space. We also managed to find a few more rustic beams stored in the garage across the street - so these have been stained to match the front door and look great on the ceiling - a little tricky to install, but love that the wood is original.

The walls of the small, original office came down to make way for a new coffee/tea corner - the upper and lower cabinets are in and a hand stained counter top (thank you Madison) has been installed. This area will provide complementary tea and coffee to our guests.

Stay tuned for before and after pictures at our facebook page LedererLonePine. Happy Spring!

Woah, it's Spring already!

Wow, we can’t believe it’s Spring! That means we haven’t posted a blog in… 9 MONTHS…we’ve been so busy renovating that we didn’t have time for any updates . It certainly has been a long cold, snowy winter (it seemed like weeks went by without seeing the sun).

Many things have happened over that period of time… Here are just a few: main house updates include new windows, patio doors, gas furnace, master bedroom & bath, Mason’s bedroom & bath; the remainder of the house is an ongoing project.

We also, for the first time, had two guest rooms available all winter long. These rooms are newly renovated and are kitchenette suites. We were able to welcome several guests who enjoyed our winter views and warm feather beds.

April seemed to sneak up on us, so we are now busily preparing the rooms for our official opening date … which is still ‘to be determined’ but with mother nature on our side, could be early April. We are eager to welcome our guests; new propane barbecues are being put together, some bathroom fixtures are being replaced, as well as new curtains and a fresh coat of paint in the rooms.

The lake has decided it is still winter, however, we are starting to see some solar lights poking through the snow near the beach, and on warm days, the ice takes on a different colour - must be a good sign :)

Updated pictures will be added…and for more regular updates, check out our Facebook page at ledererlonepine.

Until next time,

The Lederers

Website Updates!'s been a busy few weeks - can't believe our last blog post was August 4th!  So much has happened, August has just FLOWN by.  We're leaving this Thursday to take our eldest daughter to move into residence at Humber College in Toronto - YIKES!  Excited and sad at the same time (to say the least) proud of her.

The Lone Pine has seen a few more improvements, bedding, shampoo/body wash dispensers, new BBQ tools...we've been so busy taking care of our guests that it's difficult to do any major changes...but we have taken some time to update the Future Plans section of the website - so visit that for more details!  Some exciting developments are planned...

These last few weeks have been up and down, weather wise, with the temperature being "tempered"  by the smoke that has slowly drifted eastward from the BC wild fires.  Such a scary situation that is impossible not to think about if you're outside - the strange hue of the sky, the pinkish tone of the sun, the orange is hard to imagine that there is beauty in tragedy. Our thoughts and prayers are with all those affected, and for those working hard to get the fires under control. 

We had a Boler arrive today - the cutest fiberglass RV I've ever seen.  Roxanne and Hazel joined us for the evening once again, and were returning from the Boler rally in Manitoba (which we watched on the news last night!).  We were speaking about the air quality, and they mentioned they awoke to a layer of ash that had settled on the top of their RV while in Manitoba.  We're now also under a fire restriction here in Ignace, let's all hope and pray for rain! 

Until next time,

The Lederers


Expect the unexpected

Well, it was another exciting week at the Lone Pine - from a truck full of guys, gals and dogs turning the beach into a nudist resort for an hour (luckily no one else was around!), to a guest losing the keys to their rental car (found in beach clothing AFTER sorting through 3 days worth of garbage - just happy they were found!)

Max got a basic lesson in electricity after Jeff blew the breaker in the 5th wheel by trying to run the toaster oven and coffee maker at the same time.  Max - when the breaker is pointed towards OFF, it means its OFF!  ON is where you want it to be...  

We are slowly making improvements...the most recent additions include new lounge chairs for the beach, new chairs for the table areas and upper level deck, several new TVs (happy to report we're completely flat screen now - YAY!), and of course, some new artwork throughout.  We've built two new fire pits for calm nights, and our kayaks and new paddle boat have been well appreciated by our guests.

For latest pics - check out our Facebook page at ledererlonepine

All for now!

The Lederers



One week in....

Well, it has been an exciting first week!  We still haven't unpacked but we survived the "Baseball Weekend", flying sheets and missing dogs.  Thanks to Karen and Claudia and Marg...and everyone else that dropped in and made a bed!  Debit and credit machine is FINALLY working, though we still can't remember the room configurations so we each keep a 'cheat sheet' on us.  Thanks to Sherry-Lee for helping us with the voice mail....mailbox was full and we returned all 25 phone messages that were left for us!  Storm came in at the end of the week and Jeff and Max realized that the TV signals will be full time jobs (thanks for helping out Geri)! 

Our guests are fantastic and Karma is living the life - I've been promised that by the end of August she will be shaking a paw.

Jeff is already eyeing up the renovation plans...he's supposed to be making beds, but I see him walk by my office and he's carrying artwork...he just can't resist - lol.  A few TVs have been updated, he's been rearranging furniture and fridges to make more useful space for our guests, and yes, several new pieces of artwork have been hung on the walls.  Stay tuned to the "Future Plans" page for more renovation updates!

Nothing beats these views though...there is something magical about a sunset, the crispness of fresh sheets hung outside, and the sound of the waves against the shore to lull you to sleep at night...and actually being ABLE to see the stars.

Until next time!   The Lederer's...