Website Updates!'s been a busy few weeks - can't believe our last blog post was August 4th!  So much has happened, August has just FLOWN by.  We're leaving this Thursday to take our eldest daughter to move into residence at Humber College in Toronto - YIKES!  Excited and sad at the same time (to say the least) proud of her.

The Lone Pine has seen a few more improvements, bedding, shampoo/body wash dispensers, new BBQ tools...we've been so busy taking care of our guests that it's difficult to do any major changes...but we have taken some time to update the Future Plans section of the website - so visit that for more details!  Some exciting developments are planned...

These last few weeks have been up and down, weather wise, with the temperature being "tempered"  by the smoke that has slowly drifted eastward from the BC wild fires.  Such a scary situation that is impossible not to think about if you're outside - the strange hue of the sky, the pinkish tone of the sun, the orange is hard to imagine that there is beauty in tragedy. Our thoughts and prayers are with all those affected, and for those working hard to get the fires under control. 

We had a Boler arrive today - the cutest fiberglass RV I've ever seen.  Roxanne and Hazel joined us for the evening once again, and were returning from the Boler rally in Manitoba (which we watched on the news last night!).  We were speaking about the air quality, and they mentioned they awoke to a layer of ash that had settled on the top of their RV while in Manitoba.  We're now also under a fire restriction here in Ignace, let's all hope and pray for rain! 

Until next time,

The Lederers