Woah, it's Spring already!

Wow, we can’t believe it’s Spring! That means we haven’t posted a blog in… 9 MONTHS…we’ve been so busy renovating that we didn’t have time for any updates . It certainly has been a long cold, snowy winter (it seemed like weeks went by without seeing the sun).

Many things have happened over that period of time… Here are just a few: main house updates include new windows, patio doors, gas furnace, master bedroom & bath, Mason’s bedroom & bath; the remainder of the house is an ongoing project.

We also, for the first time, had two guest rooms available all winter long. These rooms are newly renovated and are kitchenette suites. We were able to welcome several guests who enjoyed our winter views and warm feather beds.

April seemed to sneak up on us, so we are now busily preparing the rooms for our official opening date … which is still ‘to be determined’ but with mother nature on our side, could be early April. We are eager to welcome our guests; new propane barbecues are being put together, some bathroom fixtures are being replaced, as well as new curtains and a fresh coat of paint in the rooms.

The lake has decided it is still winter, however, we are starting to see some solar lights poking through the snow near the beach, and on warm days, the ice takes on a different colour - must be a good sign :)

Updated pictures will be added…and for more regular updates, check out our Facebook page at ledererlonepine.

Until next time,

The Lederers