Expect the unexpected

Well, it was another exciting week at the Lone Pine - from a truck full of guys, gals and dogs turning the beach into a nudist resort for an hour (luckily no one else was around!), to a guest losing the keys to their rental car (found in beach clothing AFTER sorting through 3 days worth of garbage - just happy they were found!)

Max got a basic lesson in electricity after Jeff blew the breaker in the 5th wheel by trying to run the toaster oven and coffee maker at the same time.  Max - when the breaker is pointed towards OFF, it means its OFF!  ON is where you want it to be...  

We are slowly making improvements...the most recent additions include new lounge chairs for the beach, new chairs for the table areas and upper level deck, several new TVs (happy to report we're completely flat screen now - YAY!), and of course, some new artwork throughout.  We've built two new fire pits for calm nights, and our kayaks and new paddle boat have been well appreciated by our guests.

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All for now!

The Lederers