One of the things that we hear most often from guests is how surprisingly close their rooms are to the water. All rooms face the lake, so no matter which room you are in, a sweeping view is always in season.

In the spring and summer, the sunsets here on Agimak Lake are among the best in the region - truly living up to the area’s regional name of “Sunset Country”. Even though we live here, we can often be seen racing out onto the balcony to catch a picture of the amazing sky and sunsets. It never gets old. And in the winter months, the weather can be cold, but beautiful! Views with hoar frost and freshly fallen snow are very serene.

Obviously, given the travel restrictions and other stay-at-home measures in place in various areas, we haven’t been able to share these views with as many customers as we would like.

Staying at home and finding something stimulating to do is often challenging, especially as we are now deep into the pandemic. We scoured our cameras and our phones to select images that would work well as a puzzle. Something challenging, but safe, to do in the comforts of home to bring a little bit of the Lone Pine to you, wherever you are.

We began with identifying five categories: dusk, sunset, mirror image, fire, and winter. After selecting over 50 images, it was a painstaking task to narrow it down to 3! We’ve chosen the best of the best images…Many thanks to our daughter Madison for improving the quality of the photos and adding our logo!

These 500 piece puzzles are now available to order. Please send us a message through our website for more information! Each high quality, custom puzzle is $34.99 + taxes and shipping.